At Home Teeth Whitening for Red Wine and Coffee Lovers Like Me

Dental Grade Whitening Without ever going to the Dentist #SmileBrilliant

Now that is Brilliant Y'all! I am part Italian and love me some pasta sauce, red wine, and a nice espresso in the morning, but I am always worrying about my teeth staying white! The struggle is SO real! I literally drink my coffee through a straw sometimes to avoid any tooth discoloration (No shame lol). Plus, I don't have the time or the desire to spend the money on consistently going to the dentist (Outside of my twice yearly cleanings) to whiten my teeth. I've tried the drug store brands, but the problem is I always had to whiten at least twice a year for the effect to remain, and the drug store products made my already sensitive teeth, super sensitive causing me to stop whitening!! Then I fortunately found out about Smile Brilliant where I whiten me teeth with their dental grade whitening in my personal made-to-fit molds without ever having to go to the dentist. Instantly I wanted to and decided to collaborate with them. I usually whiten my teeth during the week while getting ready in the morning so it's easily incorporated into my "Getting Ready" routine, not causing me any extra time throughout my busy day. Sometimes I even whiten on the weekends while relaxing at the pool or running errands. They also send you desensitizing gel, which works fabulously if you want to avoid sensitive tooth effects like I have dealt with in the past from other whiteners. I absolutely LOVE the added benefit of their custom fitted teeth whitening trays, and the bonus of receiving the desensitizing gel for whitening sensitive teeth. Obviously being able to whiten from home is wonderful too. Another thing that's so nice-- their product is completely vegan and cruelty free.

** So how does it work and how can you get yours? **

You simply go online to Smile Brilliant and purchase your kit. USE CODE whoisvictoriataylor10for 10% off any tray creation kit! They send you the mold tray and putty to make your molds, which literally takes maybe 5 minutes to do and was kind of fun actually! You send your molds back in the pre-labeled envelope and then just a short time later you receive your custom fitted trays back in the mail with your whitening gel and desensitizing gel. Walaa, you're that much closer to the confident, brilliant, white smile you've always wanted! Have fun whitening beauties!

** Take a look at my before and after photo's: **



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