My Nordstrom-Sale Beauty & Travel Picks

I absolutely love the Nordstrom Anniversary sale for all of the amazing deals you can find on current-up-to-date products! Everything in this post is WELL UNDER $100 {Yay!!}. I'm going to go through this photo of my Beauty and Travel favorites starting with the first image from left to right. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have!!

First, I had to order the Mac "look in a box" eye make-up kit as the color is so pretty for summer and I love their make-up. It was a total steal at just under $40 for it all!

Next up are these pretty coconut scent copper candles. They're a great deal but still a bit of a splurge for candles, however I couldn't resist the scent and pretty rose colored exterior. It will go perfect in my kitchen full of copper details!

So I am totally that person that finds it so hard to fall asleep on a plane. However on longer flights I try really hard to to pass the time, and sometimes I truly am exhausted traveling. It's so much easier for me to relax when I have my neck pillow with me, and when I saw this Ombre faux fur travel pillow, I was completely sold! It looks so luxurious and soft! Will let you know what I think when I get it :)

Here I found the cutest travel size marble manicure kit. Its marble and rose gold, so that's a double win in my book! I hate it when I am traveling and get a hang nail and don't have anything to help with that! Problem now solved.

Next up is one of my faves as I already have this product in the ruby color. I'm talking about the Sugar "fresh" and "rosé" lip balm. It's ultra nourishing, lasts pretty long, and is the most pigmented lip balm I've found that has SPF in it. Not only does it nourish, but it protects and looks fabulous! I am so happy this was included in the N-sale this year becuase I can always use more of this stuff at a great price of just $26 for the two. Normally one alone is $18.

Last but not least, I always travel with business cards because you never know who you'll meet and when you'll need one. I love this "Girl Boss" leather card holder to keep organized.

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