Lemons into Lemonade With my Lemon Print Dress

For the Love of Lemons

Hi there friends!! How are you all today? It's time for a temperature check (or so they call it at my job-job). I hope you each are doing fabulous and well! As I often talk about, life is definitely not perfect 24/7 but I always try to stay positive. It's honestly been a rough week for me so far, starting with last Thursday when I shared on Instagram that our house was struck by lightning. So many headaches trying to get things back in order and all of the insurance appointments scheduled for our damages and losses. Don't even get me started on all the changes going on at work-work, and then how about just Adulting in general! I seriously sometimes want to turn back time and be a baby again. Do you feel me out there?! (I'm Joking but...not really lol)

But hey, it can always be much, much worse. And honestly this has been a good learning lesson and helps keep whats important in perspective. It's so vital to play your Ace in a bad hand of cards, or to find the silver lining as people often say. Like how about this ADORABLE LEMON PRINT DRESS that I am wearing and literally found for under $35!!

On that much simpler note, I seriously think I found my favorite new online shop for the CUTEST SUNDRESSES all $35 or less!! I know you are thinking it is too good to be true but I promise it's not. Their shipping also doesn't take nearly as much time as many of the less expensive on-line clothing retailers, which is a huge plus!

So for the Love of Lemons and turning things into Lemonade, do yourself a favor and shop my fabulous Lemony outfit by clicking the product images below! :)