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Mental Health, Cancer, Kate Spade, Work-Wear and how it all relates

Hi guys!! Today I am giving the largest presentation I've ever done in my life. And I am sooooo nervous!! Mainly because I want it to be super impactful and also not completely black out up there and forget everything I wanted to say. Not to mention, it can absolutely effect my professional career and is on a stage, with bright lights, a microphone, monitors, and in front of the President, Vice President, CEO, and basically the entire company...all 200+ people. Yeah no big deal. Time to Sink or Swim Jessica!

I decided to do this presentation though because I am always preaching to you all to live an on purpose life, be the best you can be and to embrace your fears for personal development and to change other people's lives. So I figured I better practice what I preach!

I also realized that through the recent challenges that Mark and I have had to face through his diagnosis of Hodgkin Lymphoma, I have a unique story and empowering moral I can share with you all. I'll talk about this more in my presentation, which I may or may not share some on my Insta stories with you all so stay tuned...but I'd like to make the rather bold statement that struggling with a mental illness like depression can be just as life threatening as struggling to beat cancer. As we've seen with recent tragedies like Kate Spade.

Kate Spade is someone who apparently struggled with depression and possibly health care professionals for some odd 5 years. She is someone I look up to as a fashion Icon, Inspiration and role model, who seemed to have a beautiful life, beautiful clothes, and nothing but success and happiness at her fingertips. I know the news of her tragic death took the world by surprise. Especially being her brand is boasting with happiness, color, and modern-retro, fun flare! It was such a shock and sad day to learn what happened to her. We need to start recognizing Mental health more in this world and giving it the attention it deserves while working harder to detach the stigma that's associated with a mental illness.

I say all of this as it relates to my professional career and the urgency I will talk about creating within these clinics to change their habits and to change them now.  I everyday am empowering Psychiatrist's with the knowledge that a personalized approach to treatment does exist in this modern world, and to embrace this genetic test and use it as a super-hero like power to help get many of their patients into remission sooner than ever before. It truly is a game changer to the ever complex field of mental health and treatment options. It's so important to get them to change their habits by embracing and utilizing genetic insight in their practice now, not ten years from now. Hope does exist through a Genetically guided treatment and the many other parts that go into treating a mental illness.

In honor of Kate Spade, her beautiful legacy, and tragic loss to this world, I will be wearing all Kate Spade dresses during the work week at our National Sales Meeting. In fact I will be giving my presentation in one of her fabulous dresses. I think it will be the good luck charm and peace I need to get through this presentation. ----> Update - It worked!!

I want all of you working women out there to be inspired and to also know that you can dress designer (like Kate Spade) to work on a budget! I signed up for the Rent the Runway "Update" program as they are running a discount when you sign up and can cancel at any time. Basically for $80 a month I get to choose four outfits and send them back a month later. That's one new work outfit a week, which in the interim I can utilize the staple work pieces I have built up in my wardrobe for the other days of the week. I love having this affordable option without having to pay the hefty price tag to own the dress and use it limitedly. My work-wear is always fresh and lively now thanks to this Rent the Runway option. They have other options and ways to rent which you can check out on their website here.

Thank you for wishing me luck on this presentation and please know that you are not alone if you are struggling with depression or a mental health concern. Know that you can get the help you need to get better, feel better, and live an on purpose life. I hope you all have an inspired and lovely rest of your week!

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