Red Lips & Rosey Cheeks

red lips and rosey cheeks.jpeg

Say you'll see me again...

Even if it's just pretend! So it is pretty clear I drew some inspiration from my fave T- Swift for this styled shoot! I seriously had so much fun taking these pictures with my dad's airplane (you can see some behind the scenes footage on my Instagram Story highlights titled Behind the Gram). I want to know where y'all draw inspiration from when you are in a creative mood? I find inspo in music, old fashion magazines, films, and from traveling.

I thought it would be fun to re-create a look from Taylor's video "Wildest Dreams" mainly because that music video and song are just sooo dreamy. It's shot in Africa and has that retro styled fashion that is so true to my personal style. Also slightly because my dad is a pilot and we actually have an airplane!

wildest dreams.jpeg
gracie and airplane.jpeg

I remember as a little girl taking flights with my mom and dad and little brother in this plane. We have the ear sets that you can talk to each other through, and my dad would always say "clear" before firing up the plane's engine. He has maintained this beautiful Cessna plane all these years and the ironic thing is as I got older I became an anxious flyer. I haven't been up in his plane in years! Maybe one day I'll do it and write a post about facing your fears.

retro blue dress.jpeg
blue striped dress and plane.jpeg
taylor swift wildest dreams.jpeg

Anyways, You can shop this gorgeous, retro styled, but wayyy affordable look by clicking the product images below to be redirected to the site to shop it. The Dress is under $20 and runs a little big, I would size down one if you can. I am wearing a small here. I hope you have as much fun re-creating this look as I did!