Beating Cancer - Remission Accomplished!

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Spoiler Alert!!! Yes you read that correctly -- "Remission Accomplished". Today is the last day of Chemo as my husband Mark beat cancer! And not only is he a Hodgkin Lymphoma Survivor, he's a Super-Hero in my mind.

I mean, what kind of husband gets this kind of scary news in February, and still decides to travel in April for a belated 30th birthday trip for his wife? This guy. And it was epically euphoric getting to live life as a normal couple for a few days again and experiencing the DC Cherry Blossoms during peak bloom (a long time bucket list item). We couldn't have been more fortunate that God blessed him with such good health, strength, positive spirits, and a desire to just keep LIVING. We really have learned through this experience that you truly do only live once! Mine as well make it count.

All that being said, believe us, It wasn't always sunshine and roses, despite my colorful Instagram feed. We've been faced with so many trials and tribulations throughout these past 6 months and this battle against Cancer. There's been times where we've felt let down by some friends, judged for our choices by individual family members, or overall just purely overwhelmed with the emotionality that comes a long with such a serious illness like Lymphoma.

It's been really hard for me at times to watch the person I love most suffer in pain from chemo and know there's not much else I can do to make it better other than just being there and doing my best to be positive and a solid rock for him. Other time's its like he has super powers and does so well and is so normal that you forget he is even sick. By the way, he still has more hair, although it has thinned drastically, than most men I know! Oh the irony, when you realize what's really important in life.

Cancer has also brought on total lifestyle changes for us, having to have more will power than ever when it comes to certain financial or monetary desires, traveling, and extracurricular activities we enjoy doing together. At the same time of juggling my blog and taking care of my husband, I've continued to work really hard in order for our lifestyle to not have to change so drastically that it would be shocking or depressing, as well as to allow my husband a stress free, positive environment to just simply relax and heal in, rather than having to go to work and feel miserable. We believe this (in conjunction with modern medicine and your prayers) has really helped him in responding so quickly and so well to treatment, yet sometimes this is a decision I am judged for.

Needless to say, Cancer has been a complete rollercoaster of emotions. It has given us a whole new perspective on life in general. It's taught us to value our true friends and supportive family members that much more, to not take life or anything in life for granted, and to live your life on purpose, free of care from what others may think of you. It's taught us to be happy and to live more in the moment. To value and put each other first. To be strong as a unit, not as one. To find our own happiness and flow in our daily routines and most importantly to love one another like there's no tomorrow.

We are sooooo thankful and just purely ecstatic that Mark has beat Cancer and we've gotten through this together having learned from this experience and grown stronger and closer together. We can not wait to celebrate Mark's triumph in the Bahamas soon and again we can't thank all of you enough for your kind words, love and support. I can't tell you how many countless times one of you has reached out via my blog or Instagram messenger or facebook messenger to check in on us, let us know you are praying for us, to offer to help if you could, and mainly to share your kindness and uplifting words. It has made such a huge impact on me and on us so thank you!!

We look forward to what this journey has in store for us next ... XOXO

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