The Mature On Trend Romper

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Hey Ladies! Let’s talk rompers for a second! They are one of my go to’s for Summer time for a more relaxed yet still stylish look, over a much more casual and less put together jean shorts and top. Am I the only one here, but at 31 years old don’t you just hate it when a romper 1. is riding up, 2. barely covers your butt, or 3. is just too much like a beach swimsuit cover up? Enough said.

Give me all the rompers I can get my hands on for this hot Summer sun, but the mature, sophisticated way. That is why I jumped for joy at the Anthropologie romper selection this Summer. Many of them were on sale too. I went for this pretty blue and white one for many reasons, one of which being the pattern and material. It’s lined so is made of good quality for not being see through, and I just died over the blue and white pattern. There’s something about blue and white that always screams southern belle, don’t you think? Yes, even on a romper.

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Summer Southern Belle Romper.JPG

Beyond the love at first sight of the looks, I gravitated towards it even more in the fitting room due to the quality and fit. I’m wearing a small so it fits true to size, and I loved that the bottom half, or shorts part wasn’t too short and didn’t ride up. It’s comfy and casual with a mature, put together fit, yet stylish and right on trend. Adding in the off the shoulder style, helped with not only the trendiness, but helped to balance out the longer bottom, showing a little more skin up top!

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So if you’re like me and love a good romper for Summer occasions, check out the ones (tons on sale) at Anthropologie right now and shop details of mine below. :)

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