The Best Modern Southern Belle Sundresses

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There’s nothing like a Southern Summer Belle Dress, especially while in Charleston, SC. My faaavorite city for so many reasons! One being the style. It’s timeless and beautiful with lots of traditional southern elements like the pretty pastel colors and lots of blue and white. Whether it’s on the buildings or houses on rainbow row, in the dinnerware, or better yet in the fashion. The details are beautiful, timeless and oh so charming. So in the spirit of the Southern Belle and our recent escape to one of the most charming towns in the South, I’ve rounded up the best Southern Belle Sundresses, perfect for the modern southern woman. Including this gorgeous blue and white dress on sale with an extra 20% off at Anthropologie now, that I’m wearing here.

southern dress on rainbow row.JPG
charleston sc sundress.jpg

I love the back of this particular one too because it ties around the back of the waist in a bow, for a more feminine, cinched in fit and the top of the back actually is a criss-cross slightly open back.

blue and white dress lace up back.JPG

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