Pre-Fall Floral Dress

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And this jcrew dress is giving me all those 70s fashion vibes! Y’all can you believe we already had some 60 degree temps this weekend here in North Carolina? Fall is on it’s way and I’m totally ok with it! Are you dreading Summers end or are we on the same page here with the excitement for Falls debut? I’ve even noticed some of our trees have started to slowly change and I keep thinking, so that’s what seasons are like…Anyhow, it brings on the dilemma of what to wear during this transitioning phase of pre-Fall weather, anticipation of festivals and of course…FASHION!

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So let’s go shopping! Because that’s a dilemma I can completely embrace, so bring it on! But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves friends. It is going back up to 80 degrees this week here, however our weather man did say that the 90s are done for our Summer season here so hallelujah!

With that being said, if you find yourself in similar spirits and situations, I’ve found the most perfect dress to wear to work or on the weekends while out shopping and such. It’s great because while made of quality fabric and gorgeous retro like flowers and colors, its not super heavy. You can easily roll up the sleeves because of the style of it, and throw on some solid pumps or ballet flats. The colors though are sooo fabulous for transitioning to Fall because it throws in a deeper berry pink and a golden hue that reminds me of Fall leaves. Another thing, I can’t wait for! What are you most excited for this Fall season?

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Photos by Megan Travis