Celebrating 2 Years of Marriage

Will absolutely NEVER forget this moment as it was right after we did our first look. I can still feel the crisp air (as it was a sunny 65 degree day in GA), Mark's hand on my back, and the connection between our locked eyes. I can still feel the on-looking gaze and the love from our bridal party, family and strangers passing by, and remember the feeling of relief as I was with my soon to be Husband and then excitement that we were about to become one. I remember in this moment feeling like the prettiest and luckiest girl in the world.

Fun Fact: This is also actually the first thing I opened my eyes to the next morning. Mark (as usual) had woken up right before me and picked up his phone. Our photographer posted on Instagram this photo and I woke up to him reaching around me and putting it right in my face. We were both in awe of it! It is my favorite photo from the entire day and I loved that moment!

My Bridesmaids kept me calm and on schedule the whole time getting ready! We listened to Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake while getting ready of course ;)

Fun Fact: My Dress was made in Italy of Italian Silk, Weighed close to 35 lbs and had over 1,000 Swarovski Crystals and Little Pearls On it. It was the dress I had always dreamed of and the final one I put on that my Mother started crying when I came out in. I knew then that it was the one. Being able to afford my dream dress all by myself was a liberating (and overwhelming) feeling.

Looooved my Wedding Gift... He knows me too well ;)

The anticipation and nerves leading up to the first look were incredible! We chose to do a first look for not only time purposes, but because we knew we would both go into the ceremony and reception much more happy and relaxed and would be able to enjoy more moments without feeling so rushed right after the ceremony. I'm so glad we did this!

Smitten by his Bride :)

Forsyth Park has this beautiful fountain that I absolutely fell in Love with the first time I visited Savannah. It's so Romantic.

Smitten by his Wedding Gift ... :)

Fun Fact: I had my mothers veil wrapped around my bouquet as my something old (& Special) :)

Ok, So what is with the "Two Reflections Into One" On our Ceremony Programs? It was sort of the theme of our wedding and a modern spin on the Wedding phrase "Two Become One". It's no secret I am obsessed with Justin Timberlake. My favorite song of his in the whole world has got to be Mirrors though and this phrase "Two reflections into one" is in the song. The lyrics are so beautiful and exactly how I feel about my husband and our relationship.

Never ever see my dad cry, but boy he sure did on my Wedding Day walking me down that Aisle. A feeling I will never forget :)

The feeling of OMGEEE we just did it!!! Now what?!? Lol... start walking!

One of the vivid moments I remember at our Wedding was right after the ceremony leaving the church, a trolley drove by and everyone was clapping and congratulating us. It was so special to feel the love from even strangers on our special day.

Seeing the Vision Come together for the first time at our reception...Priceless. I worked sooo hard on it!

Mark's face seeing the cake...Lol Stunned

Fun Fact: First time I saw this ballroom was on a friend's bachelorette party and I started crying. I knew I had to be married here as it felt like something out of the great gatsby and beauty & the beast (2 of my favorite movies). Seeing it on our Wedding Day like this was a dream come true.

We shared a little dance before it was time to start the Party!

We did Koozies and Champagne as our favors and our hashtag was #fabfrapps

Can you tell I love Pearls? ;) Fun Fact : Each tier of the cake was a different flavor and so delicious, and the bottom tier of the cake was designed to look like the train of my dress. Tammy did an Incredible job!

So We took dance lessons at Arthur Murray for weeks leading up to the big day. Mark was still nervous and thoroughly talked into the whole thing...I on the other hand am Loving it if you can't tell! Lol

No Lie...He almost choked me on the fork and got cake on my nose...I guess not everything goes perfect which is what makes it so great.

So I spoke earlier about the song "Mirrors" and lyric "Two Reflections Into One" being sort of the theme of our wedding. Well, for our "Exit" or "Finale" we played that "Final" song "Mirrors" and everyone was circled around us. At the break in the song where Justin belts out "Oooooooohhh" we had our wedding planners launch confetti all over us! It was a surprise to everyone but Mark and I and was truly unforgettable!

And They Lived Happily Ever After...


We did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Team-Mates + Soul-Mates #TwoReflectionsIntoOne

Wow! I can't believe that today marks 2 years of Marriage. I know two years is nothing in the grand scheme of things, but nevertheless I believe today is a day to celebrate for my Husband and I. We met in college and have been together a little over 8 years and I am so blessed to have called him my husband for the past 2 of those years. We tied the knot in Savannah Georgia on this day and it was absolutely a magical day. Looking back at all the photos is so much fun because although there are still special moments and parts that I remember so vividly in my mind, as if I could almost place myself in the exact moment, there are also parts that were a blissful blur. This brought back so many great memories, and also created new ones, as I seem to notice different things/moments in these photos each time I see them. I'm sharing some photos many of you have seen and some never before seen ones too! Hope you enjoy! It truly was such a special day that I will never forget. Happy Anniversary Babe!

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