A Sunny Life with Cabana Life Style

Stylish UPF 50+ Apparel for the Ultimate Beach Goddess #CabanaLife

Living the sunny life in this stylish swim cover-up while staying protected from the sun...WHAT?! So it's truly a win, win! This is from now on an essential for me in my travel bag for all of my tropical vacays (and who am I kidding, my weekly activities here in Florida). Talk about being chic and practical. These prints are all classy, nautical and block 98% of UV rays. I hope you all will take a second to check out the company's story and read about its founders, Melissa and Alyssa (Click Here). Their story is incredible and a great example of solution based thinking or simply put, turning lemons into lemonade. They are now the leading sun protective apparel company and it's no surprise. As someone who used to work in Dermatology, remains close friends with many clinicians in the field, and has experienced the scare of skin cancer through my immediate family, it's something that should be taken very much to heart. You have one body and one life. So why don't you keep living a fun, fashionable life, while protecting it with Cabana Life?! Includes Womens, Mens, and Children's fashion.

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