Six Retro and Colorful Las Vegas Photo Spots

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I had so much fun hopping around old Vegas with Cassie of a few weeks ago! Although Vegas is hot this time of year, and I thought I was going to literally faint at one point, it’s still worth the trip. Running around with Cassie made the heat completely bearable because she is such a joy to work with! MY ADVICE though: Just go when it’s cooler temps if you have that luxury or better yet, hang at one of the iconic Vegas pools all day. I was lucky enough through work to stay at the Bellagio this time and the pool was gorgeous!!

If you do visit in Summer and plan on bouncing around old Vegas to see some iconic spots and photo opps, you’ll just want to keep cool in lightweight rompers, jumpsuits and dresses! Luckily for you, I’m sharing all my colorful, fun outfits from my Summer trip to Las Vegas to help you better prepare for your trip! Most are on sale now luckily, however some are unfortunately already sold out. But in the spirit of Vegas, I’d say try your luck anyways at the bottom of this post, where it says “Shop the Looks”. Maybe it’ll be just your size and style and oh so clearly meant to be then!

As promised, I’m also going to be sharing all of the fun, iconic and retro locations we visited to take some pictures, as well as hidden pro tips, in case you’re planning your own trip and photo shoot around the town!

1. Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

5100 S Las Vegas Blvd.

welcome to las vegas sign.JPG

Ok, it doesn’t get more fabulous and iconic than the welcome to Las Vegas sign! It is actually about 20 minutes away from the strip hotels and action of old Vegas so I would recommend hitting this spot first on your way into town from the airport, or head out there early in the morning. Here’s why. The sign actually gets a huge (and I mean huge) line of people waiting to take a picture here. They even have someone patrolling the line. So unless waiting in long, hot lines like at an amusement park is your thing, go early in the morning or just knock it out on your way into town but be prepared to wait. *PRO TIP- skip the line like we did by capturing the sign from the side left angle when looking directly at the sign. If you’re at the right angle you won’t get the other people in the background that waited in line to take their pic, because they are shooting straight on, so will need to stand quite a bit in front of the sign for their friend or photographer to capture it all. Plus if they’re back there, at the right angle your body will block them. You’re welcome!

welcome to las vegas photo spot.JPG

2. Pink Building from the “Life is Beautiful” Music and Art Festival

Corner of Fremont and 8th St.

vegas pink building.JPG

Ok so this pink graffiti building was formerly an old gas station and has a glittering disco ball inside of it! Unfortunately the door was locked while we were there, but maybe you’ll have better luck. It was transformed in 2018 for the “Life is Beautiful” art and music festival. This is a great display of some Vegas street art by artist Andre and obviously since it’s dripping in my favorite colors pink and blue, we had to stop for some pictures here! PRO TIP: Shoot around the backside for a less busy photograph and amazing lighting if you’re there between 10 and 11 AM.

vegas pink street art.JPG
vegas pink life is beautiful art and music festival building.JPG

3. Lyft Art Park

Fremont East District

Lyft Art Park Flamingo Fremont.jpg

With a towering pink flamingo, and the Fremont sign in a retro font from the past or something out of the Jetsons (y’all remember that show?), it’s no wonder that this is such a cute place for any girly girl who enjoys flashes from the past, to take a photo! And do you see the adorable white picket fence in the background? Leave it to the southern all American girl to find a white picket fence in Las Vegas! PRO TIP: Out of safety, wait for the crosswalk to say walk and have your friend or photographer squat low on the opposite sidewalk at an angle to capture the shot with all of the fun surrounding details of the sign and background. We shot at the end of Fremont St. that is near the restaurants and less crowded than near the casinos.

vegas white picket fence.JPG
Lyft park fremont east.JPG

4. Rainbow Crosswalk at El Cortez Hotel

600 E Fremont St.

rainbow sidewalk el cortez hotel.JPG

The Pros? There’s a rainbow crosswalk, duh!! The cons? It’s kind of faded from the sunlight and the area isn’t the greatest. PRO TIP: So travel with friends and download an editing app like snapseed on your phone to selectively up the saturation a bit on those colors! It’s super cute though and really nostalgic to walk around in this area of old Vegas down Fremont street. Don’t you just love the neon sign of the hotel and bright Tiffany blue color though?! So Vegas!!

retro el cortez colored crosswalk.JPG
el cortez colorful crosswalk.JPG

5. Vegas Lights at The Plaza Hotel & Casino

1 Main St.

Vegas Lights Plaza Hotel.JPG

You know the saying friends! Bright lights…big city! This was such a cute place with the lights above all twinkling. It really gave off those old fashion Vegas Casino vibes and I’m feeling lucky! Just kidding, I didn’t even gamble once on this trip. I was seriously that busy this trip! Crazy, I know. Nevertheless, it made for a cute photo spot at the classic Plaza Hotel and Casino. PRO TIP: You can also find lights like these at the golden nugget downtown! Also if you want to elongate your legs and capture these lights in awe, have your friend or photographer squat down and shoot at an up angle to capture the shot!

vegas plaza hotel and casino.JPG

6. Colored Wall at Symphony Park - the Smith Center

361 Symphony Park Ave.

colored vegas wall.JPG

A great place to finish up! Bring on all the bright and fun colors!! If you want the full spectrum of the rainbow, this 80 foot colored sculpture wall is your spot! It’s found in Symphony Park at the Smith Center! Also known as the Pipe dream by artist Tim Bavington. Lighting tip: If you go in the early morning the sun should be on the other side of the wall, allowing for more shaded photo opps. We got there at 9am and the sun was in full swing out in front of the wall (where I am standing in the first picture above), however it was shaded up closer to it when standing right next to the colored pipes. Also PRO TIP: Check on-line to see if there are any events going on as parking close may be difficult during events, so bring some flats or walking shoes in case! Usually this area isn’t too busy though.

colorful pipe wall las vegas.JPG
symphony color wall.JPG

I hope you found this helpful for planning your colorful, las vegas trip and photo shoot! If I’m missing any amazing locations be sure to leave them in the comments below so we can check them out next time! Also tag me in your photos if you make it to any of these neat spots! Love hearing from you guys! Xo

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